CPC Road Haulage Training

CPC Road Haulage


The CPC Road Haulage syllabus has been completely revised due to new European Union Legislation which came into force on 4th December 2011. As a result of this, the CPC Qualification now covers the National & International Road Haulage Operations together in one qualification.

The qualification is assessed at Level 3 of the National Qualification Framework, and is comparable to other qualifications at Level 3, e.g. NVQ Level 3, Advanced GNVQ and A-Level. There are no formal requirements for entry to the examinations.

Candidates will be expected to have a reasonable standard of literacy and numeracy and a level of industry knowledge appropriate for a person working at Level 3.

The qualification consists of 2 examinations as follows:-

Unit R1 – Certificate of Professional Competence (Road Haulage) Multiple Choice – A 2-hour examination consisting of 40 multiple choice questions. This examination is a closed book exam, so no revision materials will be allowed. The pass mark is 28 out of 40 (which is a pass mark of 70%).

Unit R2 – Certificate of Professional Competence (Road Haulage) Case Study – A 2 hours and 15 minutes examination consisting of 6 – 8 case study questions. This examination will be an open book exam, so reference materials will be allowed.  A pass mark of 50% is required.

Candidates are required to pass both units to be awarded the Certificate of Professional Competence, but not necessarily at the same time.

The CILT CPC Exams are held 6 times a year around the UK and the dates are usually set in January, March, June, August, October & December.

The closing date for candidate entry for the CPC Examinations is the Friday exactly three weeks before the Examination Date. There can be no late entries or cancellations after this date.

Please find below a list of our planned course dates for 2021 for the CILT CPC Road Haulage Operations Course:-

May 17th to 27th May exam on Tuesday 1st June 2021

19th July to 29th July exam on Tuesday 3rd August 2021

20th September to 30th September exam on Tuesday 5th October 2021

22nd November to 2nd December exam on Tuesday 7th December



We don’t carry out training for the CPC Passenger Transport Qualification, but candidates are welcome to come and sit the exams at our training centre. The Exams for Passenger Transport consist of units P1 & P2 which follow exactly the same exam format as units R1 & R2, but are specific to the Passenger Transport Qualification.